For Kitchener-area Young Adults

Doctor Laidlaw is providing a limited-time contact lens trial offer for those under 20 years of age.

The information below applies if:

  • You are considering contact lenses.
  • You would like to try different contact lenses.
  • You are under 20 and have a valid OHIP (health) card.

About Contact Lenses

Who can wear them?
If you wear glasses, chances are you can wear contact lenses. To determine if they are right for you please contact our office for a fitting (using the form on this page).

What kinds are available?

  • Daily: one-time use, ideal for sports.
  • Monthly: ideal for regular wear.
  • Overnight: some specialty lenses can be worn for up to 30 days and nights straight.
  • Coloured: lenses to change your eye colour.

Contact Lenses for Sports

  • Frees you from the inconvenience of glasses.
  • Benefit from increased field of view.
  • Enjoy the convenience of single-use disposables.

Coloured Contact Lenses

  • Enhance and brighten your natural eye colour, or completely change to a new one!

Fitting Fees

For a limited time, fitting fees are waived* for new contact lens wearers.

Already wear contact lenses? Try a new brand or type or stay with the same one. Re-fitting fees are waived* for a limited time.

* Waived on appointments made before March 15, 2010. Valid OHIP card required. Parental consent is required for patients under 16 years of age. Contact our office now to make an appointment (Please use the below form)

Contact Lenses for Daily Wear

  • Contact lenses can replace your glasses for regular wear.
  • Many lenses can be worn for over 12 hours per day.
  • New lens materials and technologies maximize your comfort.

Contact Lenses for Occasional Wear

  • No cleaning or storage is required for daily disposable lenses.
  • Eliminates common problems such as smudged and foggy glasses.
  • Suits special occassions like dances, parties, weddings, camping, or weekend events.

Get Started with Contact Lenses!

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